Bad Dreams Banishing Pouch

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Even though dreams can be really exciting, fun, enlightening, etc, sometimes the bad dreams happen so often that it’s a good idea to banish the negativity so you can get some real shut-eye!

Here is a simple way to make your own nightmare banishing pouch!

You will need:

  • Small muslin bag (or any small cloth bag-preferably don’t use plastic).
  • 3 stones of your choosing. Dark stones are particularly good for banishing. I used: Mica, Hematite, and Dalmation Jasper.
  • 2-3 protective herbs. I used: Wood Betony and dried Elderberries.


Mica – (Isenglass, Glimmer) This stone helps eliminate negative personality traits. It also aids in getting rid of angry, nervous, and hostile energies.

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Hematite – Dissolves negativity and prevents negative energy from surrounding or entering our aura. It aids in restoring peace, calm, and harmony.

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Dalmation Jasper – Another protective and healing stone. It restores, harmonizes emotions, and counteracts disillusions. The tourmaline spots also aid in dissolving negative energy.

2013-12-10 14.39.16

Wood Betony – Stachys officinalis – Fire. Protection & Purification. Shields visions & dreams. 

2013-12-10 14.35.41

Elder Berries – Sambucus canadensis – Water. Protection, healing, prosperity, sleep. Protects against evil & negativity.  

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How to:

Before you do anything, take your stones and cleanse them. There are many different kinds of cleansing methods. I wanted to bring in the powers of the sun for light and warmth and also the calming powers of water. So I placed my three stones with a citrine stone in my cleansing bowl (can be any clean bowl that’s not plastic), poured in some filtered water and placed it outside by my plants for a day, allowing nature to cleanse the stones.

2013-12-10 14.41.59

After you’ve cleansed your stones, bring them inside (dry them with a clean cloth if they are wet) and prepare your ingredients. If you wish, you may draw symbols on your muslin bag. You could even write a small spell such as: “Bad dreams leave me be, by the maiden, mother, crone, so mote it be!” Or something like that. 🙂 I drew Algiz the protection rune on mine, as I feel very connected to this rune.

Go ahead and take a pinch of each of your herbs and put them in the bag. If you feel like you need to use more, then by all means do so! Always go with your gut feeling. 🙂

Next, place the three stones in the bag.

Close it up and tie it shut with three knots (Maiden, Mother, Crone). Holding the pouch, allow your will to go into the pouch through your hands. You can even say a few words of affirmation out loud cast a circle, whatever you feel like doing. Then, whenever you feel like you have finished, place the pouch underneath your pillow and get ready for a nightmare free sleep!

Witchy PS: Please take note, that intent is very important with any spellwork you do. If you just sort of make the bag and the whole time think “this won’t work, this is stupid …” then it most likely will not work! If you continue to have bad dreams even after you focus all your positive energy into making this pouch, or your bad dreams return, please check your dream dictionary to help you decipher the meanings of your dreams. If this is still not helpful, never be afraid of going and speaking with a therapist. Also- keep in mind  that stress and worry can cause bad dreams. Take a bath, relax, and read something nice before going to bed. 🙂

Many Blessings~ Amber Rose


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