The golden mineraloid – Amber

What is it? 

You know that gorgeous golden-orange stone that you can find at almost any metaphysical shop or renaissance fair but is sometimes ridiculously overpriced? Well, this “stone” is actually not a stone at all! It is considered to be a mineraloid; (a mineral-like substance that does not demonstrate crystallinity… possess chemical compositions that vary beyond the generally accepted ranges for specific minerals-wiki) amber is fossilized tree sap! (Some other mineraloids are: lapis lazuli, obsidian, opal) This is why amber can have really interesting patterns and bits in it…sometimes even insects!

Now to the super cool mojo about amber and why I am so in love with it!

This amphora may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

Well first off, there are TONS of reasons to have amber on you, and I won’t go into all of them, because every tradition has different ones…one could probably write a book on it! Actually  David A. Grimaldi has one just on amber, named…Amber!


  • Cleanses & purifies.
  • Made of fossilized pine-tree resin.
  • Is a honey-yellow color (with some variations).
  • Can come with or without fossilized insects etc inside.
  • Symbolizes the sun, therefore can help stimulate happiness, joy.
  • Never clean this stone; charge it in sunlight.
  • Helps eliminate depression and makes you more positive, also helps one accept inevitable changes in life.
  • Increases creativity, attracts love and luck.
  • Protective and grounding.
  • For physical healing properties, try to use an amber stone without something fossilized inside.

How can I use amber to enhance some of these properties in myself?

  • You can wear amber as jewelry or keep some in your pocket, but it is always best for the stone/crystal etc to touch your skin. If you can’t or if you have a bigger piece, you can always hold in for a few minutes while you meditate, or while you’re reading.
  • You can burn amber incense to help with spells/rituals (Amber Incense- Represents both knowledge and history. Amber is good for meditations in which you’re seeking to discover information. It’s also very good for past life regressions and divinations into the past. Air associative. – )
  • You can place amber on your altar. 
  • You can use amber perfumes/scents on yourself or as room sprays.


~Amber Rose


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